Arboretum Mortgage | Amy O’Brien (MLO 85346)

For more than 30 years, Amy has served thousands of clients on the Eastside and throughout the Greater Seattle area here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. As a Seattle native, she is devoted to the area and strives to help people who live and work in this great community.

There is something to be said for personal, friendly and professional treatment with customers. Looking out for their best interest, providing information and loan options so people can make a solid, informed decision and feel good about it is her goal.

Amy has been working with Mike McGinness for over 15 years. Their attitude is aligned in the belief that customers should be treated like family or close friends. Integrity and trust-building is the foundation for the long-term relationships they have created.

Contact Amy via phone, text or email to start the communication for your financing needs.

MLO-85346 | NMLS ID: 42831|

601 Union Street Suite 2727

Seattle, Washington 98101

Phone: 4254661853