By Mike McGinness | January 8, 2019

What Auto Insurance Do I Need?

Good morning. Cameron McGinness here with McGinness Insurance. Today we’re going over the most Googled questions about auto insurance and I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.
So today’s question is what auto insurance do I need? Well, that’s a very broad question. Depends on what coverage you want. If you have a newer car, I would definitely suggest you carry collision coverage. If it’s an older car, I would suggest make a collision coverage depending on how much the vehicles worth. It’s a vehicle specific and person specific.
So if you have an older car, some people say, “I don’t want anything but liability.” Well, you have a gap of coverage now for uninsured mortar. So if somebody without insurance hits you and takes off and you only carry liability, there’s no coverage for you or your vehicle if you can’t find the person that did it. If your car is stolen and your cars older and you don’t carry comprehensive, then there’s coverage. I’ve that question come up before. So even with vehicles that are older, I would definitely recommend keeping comprehensive coverage on there. It’s relatively inexpensive especially for the older vehicle. So I’m not sure why people refuse it.
Medical coverage, under PIP or just medical coverage, is also important coverage to carry. So it’s really person and vehicle specific on what you want covered. Older vehicles, I would suggest looking into agreed value coverage that are worth something. So you got a 69 Mustang or something, you want actual cash value coverage and that’s another conversation. Again,McGinness Insurance here in beautiful Lake Stevens, happy second Monday. See ya guys.