By Mike McGinness | January 16, 2019

What Auto Insurance Has Accident Forgiveness?

Good morning. Cameron McGinness here with McGinness Insurance in Lake Stevens.

You want to know what the most Googled questions about auto insurance. First off, I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. All right.

Today’s question is what auto insurance has accident forgiveness? It’s company specific, and some companies you may not qualify for it even if that company offers it. I know we do here in Lake Stevens, Washington. We do offer accident forgiveness for most people.

What accident forgiveness is if you’re not is if you get into an accident most people’s rate will increase. The reason is because you get a surcharge for having an accident, and if you get some kind of safe driving club discount, then that can either go away or be reduced. Now, if you have accident forgiveness, none of those will happen. Your rate should stay the same.

That doesn’t mean your rate won’t increase from inflation, but your rate won’t be increased because of that accident which is very important. I’ve always had it, and I had a small fender bender myself, and it was an $800.00, I didn’t have an increase in my rate, and it was quite nice. I would definitely suggest it. Definitely ask your agent if they offer. If not, give me a call.

Thanks guys. Have a good day.