By Mike McGinness | January 15, 2019

Can Auto Insurance Be Suspended?

C. McGinness: Good morning. Cameron McGinness here with McGinness Insurance. Today we’re going over the most Googled questions about auto insurance and I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.
So, today’s question is, “Can auto insurance be suspended?” You bet it can.
So, say you have two vehicles. One driver. One vehicle is driven in the winter and the other vehicle is driven in the summer. Say in the summer time, suspend that winter that vehicle if you’re not driving it. I would definitely suggest putting that battery on some type of charger so it doesn’t kill it. But, suspending the coverage means you carry comprehensive only on it, so it’s covered for theft and vandalism, or, say your house burns down and takes your vehicle with it. Definitely recommend that. It saves quite a bit of money.
One recommendation along with that is, do not park it on the side of the street because if you have somebody sideswipe it like an uninsured motorist hit and run, that’s not going to be covered under comprehensive. So, park it in the garage, park it somewhere safe and be smart about it.
All right, guys. Thanks so much. Talk to you later.